Steve Baggs

Steve Baggs of Bethune Cookman has been one of the most dominant players in black college football this year. Between winning Defensive Player of the Year in the MEAC and playing in the Blue-Gray All-Star game over the holidays, Baggs found some time to sit down with us for an exclusive Question & Answer interview before he goes on his NFL journey this spring.

DITR: Why did you choose to attend Bethune Cookman College?
S. Baggs: My main goal was to attend school in the state of Fl. Coming out of high school I was a sleeper compared to a lot of other players. While breaking many high school football records I only took two college visits. One was University of South Florida and the other was Bethune Cookman. I chose Bethune because I saw better opportunity for me.

DITR: How does it feel to be the MEAC Player of the Year?
S. Baggs: It’s definitely an honor that was an individual goal of mine this year.

DITR: How are you preparing for the NFL?
S. Baggs: Mentally & Physically I think I’m ready for the adversity for a small school guy. Physically I’m training and mentally I’m speaking to guys who have been there and who are there and getting knowledge about the NFL.

DITR: What are your goals for life after football?
S. Baggs: My long-term goal is to get a Masters in International Business, I want to be a sound businessman and own a franchise or real estate. My short-term goal is to be drafted high and make some money up front. I believe that I’m a 1st round type of player by the work I’ve put in. I want to be one of the greatest to play game. I don’t mean to be cocky but I know the guys who succeed in this game work hard are the greatest players of the game.

DITR: What NFL team would you prefer to play for?
S. Baggs: I have no choice but for economical reasons I would like to play on the east coast or a team that plays a 3-4 defense.

DITR: What are your strength and weaknesses on the field?
S. Baggs: My strength is my emotions, I play with a lot of fire and it sometimes can bite back at me. I’m pretty hard on myself at times. My weakness is using my hands when trying to shed & separate.

DITR: Can you inform some of the upcoming hbcu prospects your process of choosing
an agent?

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