Franco Veasley

Interview conducted by Shannon Kneeland

 What is your major?
Franco: My major is Physical Education.

DITR: Why did you choose Kentucky State University to attend?
Franco: I was highly recruited out of high school from many Division I schools. I originally signed with the University of Georgia however, my grades were not up to standard. I then went to Hinds Community College and decided to attend KSU because my options were still limited per my academics. Kentucky State does a great job of exposing their players to professional football teams and I really enjoy the coaching staff.

DITR: What player did you look forward to playing against during the season?
Franco: I look forward to playing against Courtney Van Buren #71 at Arkansas Pine Bluff. We compete and battle a lot on the field and I think he may have gotten the best of me last season however, with the off season work I did, I’ll be ready for him this year.

 What areas did you work on during the off-season?
Franco: All the players were required to perform a 9-week program that worked on strength building, conditioning and improving our speed. I also spent a lot of time reviewing films with my coaches and studying other players.

DITR: What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?
Franco: I think my strengths are pass rushing and my technique. I can improve in my run blocking.

DITR: Who is your favorite NFL player you enjoy watching in action?
Franco: I love to watch Javon Kearse. He reminds me of myself because we are the same size and play the same position.

DITR: What things do you like to do in your spare time?
Franco: In my spare time I love to play basketball and Play Station 2.

 Who is your favorite R&B artist or rap group?
Franco: Cash Money.

DITR: If you had the choice, what NFL team would you play for?
Franco: I would love to play for the Atlanta Falcons since I’m from Georgia. My father is a die-hard fan and he would attend all the games.

DITR: How would you describe yourself to a NFL coach?
Franco: I’m a good player, competitive, dedicated and a hard working person who understands what it’s going to take to make it at the next level.

DITR: Who has the biggest influence on your life and why?
Franco: My mother and father are my biggest influences. They taught me the value of hard work. Also, the coaching staff, especially Coach Johnson who pushes me all the time to do my best. My mother and father have had the biggest influences on my life.