Devin Lewis

Draft Status: Rising higher every week. Lewis should be this year’s Sylvester Morris and climb into the late first round.

My View: Devin is a great kid who has worked extrememly hard to get to this point. He has a great, supportive family and will surely get better with every snap. He’s also positioned himself nicely to get an invite to the Senior Bowl in January which would be huge. Keep your eyes and ears on Mr. Lewis. He’s sure to climb higher on every teams draft board.

Q: What kind of person will and NFL team be getting when they select you?
D.L.: They’ll be getting a regular guy. Someone who doesn’t have an attitude, is coachable, and very humble.

Q: What do you have planned for when your football career is over?
D.L.: I’d like to be a college football broadcaster or become a WR coach.

Q: What are your three biggest playing strengths?
D.L.: My size, speed, and athletic ability.

Q: Are there any weaknesses in your game that you’d like to improve on?
D.L.: I’d like to learn more routes. Here at SOuthern, I run very basic routes. I’d also like to improve on my down field blocking.

Q: Do you feel you are mentally ready for the NFL?
D.L: Yes I do. My WR coach has helped me get ready both mentally and physically. I think I am prepared.

 Are you physically ready as well?
D.L.: Most definately! This is my dream and to know that I will get my chance will make me work that much harder. I have the size and speed that is needed to be an NFL WR.

Q: Do you feel that because you play in the SWAC that you have been looked over nationally?
D.L.: I think so. Now that I have my opportunity, I have to make the best of it so I can be recognized. Coming from the SWAC, it makes harder because we don’t play the Florida’s or Florida State’s. I think if I continue to play well, I will be noticed.

 Who do you pattern your style of play after?
D.L.: I pattern myself after the bigger receivers like Moss, Owens, and Rod Smith. I think I have a little of all of them in my game.

Q: What are your goals for the next few months and years?
D.L.: I just want to be consistent and play at a high level every week. I surely want to beat Grambling too. I’d also like to get faster and stronger for the NFL.

Q: What has been your greatest football moment?
D.L.: Honestly, I don’t think my greatest moment has even come yet. It will though.

Q: What do you do when you’re not playing football?
D.L.: I just chill, go out with my girlfriend, and play basketball.

 Finally, Do you feel your name should be mentioned with the other top receivers in the country?
D.L.: I do. I feel I belong with those guys. I feel that I am as good or better than anyone at my position. It’s motivation for me.

M.G.: Devin, Thanks for your time and I wish you luck the rest of the season and beyond!
D.L.: Thanks Matt! I appreciate it.

I’d like to thank Devin for his time and I’d like to wish him luck in the future!!!

Interviewing done by Matt Gamble of All-Pro Scouting LLC.