DeShane Dennis

This interview was conducted during the 2001 Football Season.

DITR: What’s your major? And what are your plans with life after football?
Deshane: My major is marketing but I actually graduated last year and right now I’m pursuing my Masters degree in Marketing and would like to work with an advertisement firm after football.

DITR: What things do you work on to improve your pro football stock?
Deshane: I work on my hands/catching ability. I dropped a couple of picks last season. However, I think if I strengthen that area it would add to my pro prospect potential. I’m not pleased with my take off right now I run a high 4.4. I would like to bring that down. I also work out with a personal trainer, which helps me out on my 40-time.

DITR: With you going up against Darren McCants last season in practice what did you learn?
Deshane: Last season, in all our practices Coach Reggie Brown would have me play man-to-man coverage against Darren, Albert Horsey and Tommy Mimms. That built my confidence in man-to-man coverage. I also, learned how to read routes and how to read a receivers body. I also, watched a lot of film either with a coach or by myself.

DITR: What player do you look forward to playing against during the season?
Deshane: I really look forward to playing and competing against #8 Zurel Smith WR at Hampton. However, I would really like to play and cover #89 Michael Hayes at Southern University. He’s considered one of the best wide receiver in black college football today.

DITR: Who motivates you on and off the field?
Deshane: My mother is always there for me and the coaching staff at Delaware State teaches me to stay humble.

DITR: Were you recruited to play football at any other schools besides Delaware State?
Deshane: While in high school, I didn’t actually think about playing football on the college level. My focus was on other things and I wasn’t serious enough about football. When I came to Delaware State I didn’t have a scholarship my first year, but was awarded a partial scholarship my 2nd year and received a full scholarship last year.

DITR: What NFL team would you like to play for and why?
Deshane: My first choice would be the Philadelphia Eagles or the New York Giants. Both teams are closer to my hometown and family.

 What NFL player do you compare yourself to?
Deshane: I like to compare myself to Dion Sanders because he plays both ways on the field (DB/RS).

DITR: The NFL has many players who played for Historically Black Colleges, which ones do you admire?
Deshane: Players I admire are Jerry Rice and I enjoyed watching Walter Payton run over defenses.

DITR: If you can tell a NFL head coach what type of player you are what would you say?
Deshane: I would let the coach know that I will be a Pro Bowl type of player, I won’t be sastified with just saying that I play in the NFL. I’m there to make the best out of the opportunity that I have and take full advantage of it.

“Keep God First in Everything You Do”
Quoted by Deshane Dennis