Dontae Curry

DITR: How does it feel playing in the NFL coming from a historical black college?
D.Curry: It feels great, because I was one of the last looked at coming from a black college and with my dedication and hard work, I was one of the guys to make it this year.

DITR: What did you do to prepare yourself for training camp this year and the 2001 season?
D.Curry: I studied plays, watched a lot of film, worked on my technique, listened to the coaches and approached play at 100%.

DITR: What is your advice to pro prospects now coming from a black college on what to expect in the NFL?
D.Curry: Don’t take plays off during practice, approach every play at 100%, study the playbook, pay attention, make an effort and stay healthy.

DITR: Is the NFL mentally or physically tough?
D.Curry: The NFL is mentally tough, the physical side comes with the game but I believe its 70% mental and 30% physical. You have so much thrown at you at one time and you have to be able to observe that information and be responsible for it when playing.

DITR: What was the biggest adjustment you had to make in the NFL?
D.Curry: The biggest adjustment was playing organized defense. I was able to roam a lot at Morris Brown and now I must think. The speed on the pro level is a lot faster than college. Some plays in the NFL can last about 3 seconds. Players are bigger, faster and everybody is talented.

DITR: What are your hobbies?
D.Curry: I love spending time with my daughter, reading the Bible, drawing and playing pool. I just started playing golf and I’m really enjoying it.

DITR: As a rookie what kind of NFL rookie hazing did you go through?
D.Curry: When I first got to Green Bay, the veteran players told us that there is no physical hazing but they had Torrance Mitchell who is also a rookie LB and me buy their dinner and get them coffee. We also had to ask the veteran players, “What can I do to make your day better?”

DITR: Is there anything you would like to say to your Morris Brown family and friends?
D.Curry: Yes, I would like to thank everybody at Morris Brown for their support and love they’ve shown me. I would like to let people know if they have a dream, to stay focused and follow your dreams and keep your head up.

Update: Dontae Curry was signed to the Washington Redskins team on October 3, 2001 from the Green Bay Packers practice squad.

Dontae Curry is now with the Detroit Lions. He wears number #55.